We can supply spare parts and services for:

  • MACOR Marine Systems International
  • MACOR Neptun
  • Deutsche MacGregor
  • Transport Efficiency
  • MacGregor
  • TTS
  • Tsuji Heavy Industries
  • Kvaerner
  • Macgregor-Navire
  • Dodwell
  • Macgregor Far East
  • Nakata Mac
  • Kayaba
  • And many others

We have many standard hatch cover spare parts in stock, like rubber packing, cleats, chain, bearing pads, etc. Or can deliver it through our extensive network with short lead times. As an all-round and experienced cargo access equipment service provider our experienced staff includes service engineers that can assist you with: pre-docking inspections, general inspections, (emergency) repairs and assistance and supervision during dry-docking.

Due to our history Cargo Care Solutions is an all-round supplier for hatch cover spares and all other cargo access equipment. During the years we acquired all original rights for equipment built by MACOR Marine Systems International, MACOR Neptun and Transport Efficiency. Furthermore our experienced team is specialized in many other types of cargo access equipment for many of the well-known names in the maritime industry including: MacGregor, TTS, Tsuji Heavy Industries, Kvaerner, Macgregor-Navire, Dodwell, Macgregor Far East, Nakata Mac and Kayaba. We can supply most types of standard fittings / spare parts including cleats, wedges, wheels, chain, rubber packing, etc directly from our stocks.

So, our worldwide established service network is able to provide you with:

  • Good, reliable and timely after sales and service 24 hours a day.
  • Competitive priced spare parts.
  • A wide range of standard spare parts on stock in Rotterdam, Hamburg and Copenhagen.
  • Expertise on all kinds of cargo access equipment.
  • Experienced service engineers and consultants.