After being part of the service network of Macor Neptun and SEOHAE Marine System, Cargo Care Solutions recognized the need in the market for an independent, global and all-round supplier of parts and services for the many brands of cargo access equipment among an owner/manager's fleet. Over time we acquired the original rights of Macor Neptun GmbH and Transport Efficiency B.V., but are able to supply parts and services for all brands of cargo access equipment.

Macor Marine Systems International GmbH was formed in 1985 out of Deutsche MacGregor GmbH, member of the international MacGregor organization, by Dipl.-Ing. Peter Kloess son of Dipl.-Ing. H.K. Kloess founder of Deutsche MacGregor GmbH in 1951. When Macor terminated its activities in 2003 we acquired the original rights for about 3,500 vessels built by this organization.

The history of steel weather tight steel hatch covers:

  • 1936 The brothers Robert and Joseph MacGregor invented the first weather tight steel hatch cover with mechanical operating systems.
  • 1949 Henri Kummerman recognized the big potential of the inventions of the MacGregor brothers and acquired the rights for worldwide commercial exploitation. MacGregor- Comarain was formed in France.
  • 1951 Mister Kummerman came in contact with H.K. Kloess. Mister Kloess acquired the rights for commercial exploitation in the Federal Republic of Germany, the GDR and Austria. Deutsche MacGregor GmbH was formed.
  • 1983 The international MacGregor organization was acquired by Navire OY from Finland.

Our history:

  • 1985 Deutsche MacGregor decided to continue independently from the international MacGregor organization and was renamed to Macor Marine Systems International GmbH.
  • 1995 Macor Marine Systems International GmbH joined Neptun Industrie Rostock GmbH.
  • 1997 Macor Marine Systems International GmbH was joined with its workshop Neptun Stahlobjektbau GmbH in a new company under the name MACOR Neptun GmbH.
  • 2003 Macor Neptun GmbH terminated its activities.
  • 2003 SEOHAE Marine Systems purchased the service stations in Rotterdam, Hamburg and Copenhagen from MACOR Neptun GmbH and renamed them SEOHAE Sales and Services.
  • 2010 SEOHAE Sales & Services was acquired by Cargo Care Holding and renamed Cargo Care Solutions (CCS).
  • 2010 Cargo Care Solutions is an independent company dedicated to be the first choice for service to maritime cargo access equipment.
  • 2017 Cargo Hydraulics was formed under the Cargo Care Group. Cargo Care Hydraulics is the group’s own inhouse workshop with activities on cargo acces equipment, deck equipment, port equipment, industrial equipment and many more.
  • 2018 Cargo Care Solutions started a complete service and maintenance program for Cargo Pumps. As an independent service provider we aim to provide these services on a wide range of brands.
  • Future Cargo Care Solutions is an independent company dedicated to be the first choice for service to maritime cargo handling equipment.