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- Framo



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Jeroen Bink

Sales Manager Cargo Pumping

Tel: +31 10 429 32 22

Mob: +31 6 13 77 76 11


Our service departments, strategically located in major oil hubs Rotterdam and Houston offer global and full support on your Deepwell Cargo Pump System. Increasing the lifetime of your equipment, minimizing your operational costs and giving you peace of mind throughout the year.

From these service locations we offer the following to our customers:


  • Annual inspections: a visual inspection of the cargo pumping system and a complete system check for leakages and other abnormalities. This is the best way to ensure your pumping system stays in optimal condition with lowest cost during lifetime.
    • Including an analysis of hydraulic oil on water content and particle count.
  • Pre-docking inspection: a complete inspection of the cargo pumping system, including pump evaluation test of all cargo pumps. The output of our pre-docking inspection gives insight on the current condition of the system, prepares you for the upcoming docking and the needed maintenance to increase the lifetime of your equipment.
    • Including an analysis of hydraulic oil on water content and particle count.
  • Docking assistance: a Special Survey is the perfect opportunity to provide your Cargo Pump System with  the necessary maintenance to ensure longer lifetime of our equipment. Our pool of experienced engineers is there to assist you during the dry dock project and to perform maintenance or upgrades on the Deepwell Cargo Pump System. 
  • Troubleshooting: incidents or unexpected breakdowns happen, therefore we stand by your side, 24/7 and worldwide to minimize your downtime and keep your Deepwell Cargo Pump System running. 
  • Remote Support: our service departments are available to assist you with immediate and urgent problems that might occur when sailing or operating your equipment. Our global support provides free of charge advice and hands-on solutions to resolve your cargo pump problems. We are available 24/7 by phone, email or video conference.
  • Training: from our locations in Rotterdam and Houston we provide training for crew and onshore technical staff. We pride ourselves with the wealth of knowledge we carry on Cargo Pumps Systems, and we focus completely on sharing this knowledge with our customers. So whether it is a seminar/webinar for superintendents or onboard training for your crew, our engineers are there to share their knowledge and provide theoretical and practical instructions to increase the lifetime of your equipment.



Purging and Performance test

You can always send us the results of your purging routine or performance test to get an update on your Cargo Pumps. Our service department analyses your results and when needed we can assist you to take further actions or to determine the cause of exceeding values. When needed we can provide you with our recommendations for maintenance to restore and increase the lifetime of the equipment.


Oil Condition Monitoring

The hydraulic oil is the blood of your cargo pumping system and requires your full attention, therefore we provide a global service with our Oil Condition Monitoring program. From laboratories in Rotterdam, Houston and Singapore we can analyse your hydraulic oil on water content and particle count. After every sample you will receive our inspection report, including our recommendations for preventive maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership. Oil Condition Monitoring can be combined with an annual- or pre-docking inspection.