The Cargo Care Solutions Cross Joint Seal is a substitute for the MacGregor Omega (Light) Seal. We supply the complete seal including all the bolt holes. We can also provide repair services for damaged seals. We can repair them in our workshop or we can send an engineer with tools to location to do the repairs.

M/V Merkur Tide - Replacing the MacGregor Omega Seals with the Cargo Care Solutions CJS at ST Marine, Singapore.


Below you will find a short example of the many projects Cargo Care Solutions has done for many different ship owners/managers around the world. Our engineers will assist you with an inspection of the current situation onboard. After that we will make a detailed proposal for the necessary repairs. Finally our engineers will supervise the repairs on the yard.


The 'old' situation onboard:
Cross Joint Seal Before

Shipyard crew fitting the Cargo Care Solutions Cross Joint Seal:
Cross Joint Seal 2
(Mounting holes can be pre-fabricated or drilled on site. No steel modifications are needed to replace the original seals.)

The final result:
Cross Joint Seal 3