Hatch Cover Bearing Pads

Hatch cover bearing pads or also often referred to as hatch cover support pads. The lay-out of the different bearing pads consists of a bearing pad (1), a shim plate, an elastic piece, a housing frame (2), a locking pin and a mating plate (3). Cargo Care Solutions is able to provide the different parts in all sizes.

Hatch cover bearing pad

Our bearing pads offer:

  • minimal wear-down
  • lower ship maintenance cost
  • low friction
  • higher stack loading



Hatch cover bearing pads

Larger ships are subjected to bigger hull deformation which causes horizontal friction between the hatch covers and the coaming stucture. Bearing pads or support pads are used to transfer these forces from the hatch cover into the coaming. The bearing pads are a critical area which can lead to high ship maintenance costs during service life. Our bearing pads are designed to have a minimal wear-down, lowering the ship’s maintenance costs.

Cargo Care Solutions has a long history of working on hatch covers and therefore has a big experience on hatch cover bearing pads (or often referred to as hatch cover support pads). We deliver high quality, long life time bearing pads focussing on key functions as quick and easy replacement, improving the lifetime of the rubber packing, silent operation and reliable functionality.

Bearing pads are an important part to the overall functionality and reliability of the hatch cover system. The smallest wear of a few millimeter can risk the weathertightness or can can cause damages to the coaming and hatch cover structure.

Cargo Care Solutions can assist you to make sure the hatch cover systems among your fleet stay in optimal shape. We deliver different types of hatch cover bearing pads in different sizes for different makers directly from our stocks.

Bronze teflon bearing pad
  • Traditional self-lubricating bronze teflon type bearing pad.
  • Stainless steel mating surface.
  • Wide range of sizes available.
Plastic bearing pad
  • New generation polymer bearing pad.
  • Stainless steel mating surface.
  • Wide range of sizes available.
Sandwich bearing pad
  • Made of rubber and steel layers.
  • No stainless steel mating surface needed.
  • Wide range of sizes available.
Hardox Weldox bearing pad
  • Special type of steel.
  • Wide range of sizes available.