Fittings for:

  • Deutsche MacGregor
  • MACOR Neptun
  • MACOR Marine Systems International
  • MacGregor
  • TTS
  • Transport Efficiency
  • Kvaerner
  • Tsuji Heavy Industries
  • Dodwell
  • MacGregor-Navire
  • MacGregor Far East
  • Nakata Mac
  • Kayaba
  • And many others

Hatch cover cleats

Cleats and Wedges

Securing the hatch covers with the correct type of (quick acting) cleats and wedges is essential for the weather tightness of the hatch cover system. Using the correct types, adjusted according the specifications, ensures long service life time of all parts fitted on both the hatch covers and the coaming.

We are able to supply many types of (quick acting) cleats and wedges directly from our stocks. Furthermore we are capable of delivering non-standard parts with short delivery times.


HydraulicsHatch cover hydraulics

Most types of hatch covers use hydraulics for opening and closing. Together with its large ship database and its broad history Cargo Care Solutions is able to deliver all hydraulic spare parts, with original specifications from the original supplier, of the following brands:

  • MACOR Marine Systems International
  • MACOR Neptun
  • Transport Efficiency


Chain and wheels

Rolling type hatch covers are driven by chain or by rack and pinion. Cargo Care Hatch cover chainSolutions has the standard types 11x43, 14x50 and 18x64 in stock. Furthermore it is able to supply wheels and all other parts with short delivery times.