Hatch cover rubber packing for:

  • MACOR Marine Systems International
  • MACOR Neptun
  • Deutsche MacGregor
  • Transport Efficiency
  • MacGregor
  • TTS
  • Tsuji Heavy Industries
  • Kvaerner
  • MacGregor-Navire
  • Dodwell
  • MacGregor Far East
  • Nakata Mac
  • Kayaba
  • And many others

Hatch cover rubber packing

Many different types of hatch cover rubber packing (also referred to hatch cover rubber sealing) are used between hatch covers and coaming to achieved weathertightness. Traditionally sponge rubber packing was used pressing it against the edge of a compression bar. Over the years ships became much larger and so having bigger movement between the coaming and the hatch covers. To solve this issue sliding rubber packing was used. By pressing sliding rubber packing against a flat surface the hatch cover sealing system was able to adapt to bigger hull deformations.

Hatch cover rubber packing supplied by Cargo Care Solutions is made of high quality material to guarantee a long life time. Our sliding rubber offers low friction for better sliding together with a minimum wear. Furthermore it is UV radiation resistant and applicable in a big temperature range. Our sponge rubber has a strong solid skin to reduce damage on the packing. The sponge core is fabricated from a strong natural rubber offering the best compression and a minimum wear.

Sponge rubberHatch cover rubber packing (sponge with compression bar)

  • Mostly used on side rolling and folding hatch covers
  • Consists of a solid skin with a sponge rubber core
  • Standard compression: 12mm
  • Produced to guarantee long life time


Hatch cover rubber packing (sliding in holder) Sliding rubber

  • Mostly used on pontoon hatch covers or large vessels with folding hatch covers
  • Consists of EPMD material
  • Standard compression: 12mm
  • Produced to guarantee long life time




We can supply many different types of hatch cover rubber packing (linear, corners and end pieces) directly from our stocks in Rotterdam, Shanghai and Singapore!

Our main types of Sponge Rubber Packing

Hatch cover rubber packing (sponge)

Our main types of Sliding Rubber Packing

 Hatch cover rubber packing (sliding)