The UltraPad can be used to substitute original bronze type hatch cover bearing pads and newer generation polymer bearing pads such as the SEOHAE Bronze Teflon pad, SEOHAE Engineering Plastic Pad, MacGregor LubriPad, MacGregor Polypad many other different makes.


UltraPad - Product Sheet


Hatch cover bearing pads can lead to high ship maintenance costs during service life. The UltraPad offers the lowest wear rate available on the market today, improving support pad lifetime, lowering hatch cover maintenance costs. By offering the UltraPad in multiple sizes for different makers we are able to offer you one solution for your entire fleet. The UltraPad can be used as replacement for traditional Bronze Teflon type support pads. We offer tailor made programs helping you find the best solution possible to keep your hatch covers in top shape.


UltraPad wear detection

Improved Locking Pin

Our improved locking pin provides better securing of the UltraPad compared to pins with a standard thread. The head of the locking pin ensures better grip making mounting of the UltraPad faster.

Wear detection

Easy wear detection by prefabricated grooves of 1mm, 2mm and 3mm deep. Based on positions where pads wear down most.

Germanischer Lloyd Type ApprovalGermanischer Lloyd Type Approval

The UltraPad has been tested and approved by Germanischer Lloyd as an recognition of its low wear and low friction characteristics. Certificate 16573 HH 12.