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Docking Services - Product Sheet

Docking services ribbon

Pre-docking inspection
We will do a pre-docking inspection to get an updated view on the state of the equipment. We will report on our findings in a detailed report containing a description of the current state of the equipment, issues found, measures that need to be taken, a budget quote for parts needed and a planning for the time needed to do the repairs. All illustrated with pictures.

Budget and planning
After submitting the pre-docking inspection report we will get in touch to work on a proper scope of the work that will be done by fine-tune the quote for parts needed as well as the planning for executing the repairs. We will work with you by advising appropriate measures according the age of the vessel and future plans for the vessel making sure the repairs fit the purpose. With this you will also have the proper information to put in the tender for the yards. As well as the ability to discuss class relevant items with the class well in advance.

Parts delivery
By planning all well in advance we can make sure all parts needed are available during docking parts and can be delivered in a convenient port prior to drydocking or on the shipyard.

During the drydocking we can assist you with our professional services ranging from supervision to complete project management. We will assist during dockings making sure all repairs are done properly and within the planned time. We will participate in the meetings on the yard meetings to keep the job on track. When an unexpected need for spares arises we can act quickly and present options without delays. Finally we can instruct the crew for proper operations and maintenance of the equipment.

Follow up
Regular inspections can keep your cargo access equipment in top shape and can reduce the overall maintenance cost of your equipment during vessel lifetime.