With a worldwide established service network we provide good, reliable and timely service in order to meet the vessel’s and customer’s needs. With over 30 years of experience in the maritime industry, Cargo Care Solutions has proven to be a reputable global service supplier for its clients.

The performance of your cargo pump systems has a direct result on your entire operation, therefore, when it comes to your equipment, reliable service is crucial for the uptime of your cargo system. Cargo Care Solutions is fully committed to provide the spares, service and support you need throughout the life cycle of your equipment.

With various stock points, worldwide service teams with specialized engineers and excellent remote support we significantly lower your operational costs, improve your bottom line and offer peace of mind on the condition of your equipment.

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We understand the importance of the cargo pumping system and the cargo your vessel carries. Therefore, we deliver parts of the highest quality and have a global service team which has years of experience on cargo pumping systems, having been trained by several makers.

Jeroen Bink
Sales Manager
Cargo Pumping Division