As an independent and all-round supplier we have fully equipped service stations for the maintenance of Hatch Covers and RoRo-equipment built by many different makers. Our main categories of serviced equipment are: Folding Hatch Covers, Side-rolling Hatch Covers, Pontoon Hatch Covers, RoRo-equipment and Hydraulic Doors. We supply high quality alternative parts and service for well-known brands in the maritime industry like MACOR Marine Systems International, MACOR Neptun, MacGregor, TTS, Tsuji Heavy Industries, Kvaerner and many others.

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a true service mindset

Our customers are looking for suppliers who are proactive, supportive and who understand their business. They are looking for a partner they can rely on for all of the cargo access equipment in their fleet. The key for them to meeting these needs is using a supplier with an understanding of the challenges of this fast moving environment. As Cargo Care Solutions we can only do this by getting out into the marketplace - attending shows, meeting ship owners and investing in the best possible customer service.

Peter Peltenburg
Cargo Access Equipment