Cargo Care Hydraulics is the versatile workshop within the Cargo Care Group

Within Cargo Care Hydraulics we specialize in the maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems for the maritime and offshore industry. Next to the maritime and offshore industry we also work on hydraulic equipment in the general industrial field as well as port equipment.

We assist our customers on repairing their cylinders, valves, pumps, motors, etc. Our people are experienced with all types and brands of equipment and are also able to assist with issues on the complete hydraulic system: from problem finding to complete overhaul. Examples of systems we work on are hatch covers, RoRo-equipment, winches, offshore cranes, winches, port cranes, linkspans, spreaders, excavators, and more.

Our people are all-round, so not only do we specialize in maintaining and repairing hydraulic equipment. We are able to assist on the mechanical side as well. So when our customers need assistance on dismantling and building the equipment back into their machinery we are well capable to assist.

Coming from the maritime and offshore industry we have a background in 24/7 service with high demands. Our people are used to work globally and on remote locations. Part of our team hold offshore certificates.