17 August 2022

Leading the way in market growth

Demand in the Deepwell cargo pump market is still being driven by cost and service support but owners and managers are reluctant to compromise on product quality or put up with poor after sales service, which is why companies like Cargo Care Solutions have seen a near tripling in business levels during the past three years.

According to Peter Peltenburg, CEO of the Dutch-based company, strong growth in the shipping markets has been behind the surge in orders, however, products need to be priced at the correct level and the right dialogue needs to be entered into with the market to ensure the right products are delivered, at the right quality and at the right price.

“We see our role as being a crucial element in the partnership that exists with the ship owner and the manager. We offer a complete alternative solution when it comes to the maintenance and support of a number of market-supplied Deepwell cargo pumping systems, and our value proposition covers spares, service and support. Our vision is to allow our customers to operate their equipment in a safe, reliable and cost-efficient way.

“Yes, it is combination of price and service support but what we are starting to see is a need for an alternative in the market,” he said.

“Over the last years, we have significantly scaled our scope of supply, service activities and service locations, so we can keep accommodating the growing global demands of our customers. As a result, we can offer our clients global support from Rotterdam, Houston and Singapore with high quality spare parts and local service from engineers with long history at the original maker or extensive in-house training,” he added.

Cargo Care Solutions operates service stations in Rotterdam, Houston and Singapore where it offers parts and servicing for Deepwell cargo pumps, said Mr Peltenburg.

“For vessels preparing for survey we can make a big difference when we are able to handle the complete project; pre-dock inspection, spare parts and service. In general, we offer all type of inspections; annual or pre-dock, we offer dry dock assistance for overhaul and maintenance of the cargo systems, on board troubleshooting and remote support on the complete cargo pumps system.”

But according to Mr Peltenburg, many of his competitors took their eye off the ball when it came to delivering the service levels demanded by the market and this paved the way for Cargo Care Solutions to fill the gap.

“The volumes we buy in are sometimes smaller than our competitors, but we are still able to reduce our costs and make the money we need to make. Before, the market operated to an ethic of really expensive and very good service; now with some companies it is still an ethic of expensive but with a poor service, and that isn’t good enough,” he said.

Cargo Care Solutions has offices in The Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Denmark, China and the US and has its own Research & Development and test facility at its Rotterdam headquarters.