11 October 2023

Leading maritime cargo equipment specialist Cargo Care Solutions has expanded its Houston operations to better meet demand for its cargo pump and hydraulics services. According to Peter Peltenburg, CEO of the Dutch-based company, the expanded Houston office is a valuable hub for serving the thriving tanker market.

“Having cargo pump engineers based in Houston plus a full stock of parts to support cargo pump and hydraulics work helps us ensure our customers are operating their equipment in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective way,” said Mr Peltenburg. “This new location and bigger office enable us to continue to grow.”

The expanded Houston office is a base for sales and service operations focused on the oil tankers, supply vessels, and offshore rigs operating in the Gulf of Mexico and the Americas. Cargo Care Solutions has built a reputation for providing a complete program for the maintenance of cargo pump systems, covering spares, service, and support.

“With our deep knowledge and extensive service offerings, we emphasize the importance of preventive measures that keep our clients operating smoothly,” said Mr. Peltenburg. “That’s where we can really make a difference.”

In addition to accommodating a full stock of cargo pump parts, the expanded Houston office supports other services performed by Cargo Care Solutions, including hydraulic repairs for offshore installations, inspection and repair work on container hatch covers and other cargo access equipment.

Cargo Care Solutions, headquartered in Rotterdam, serves more than 1,500 global customers. Its team of more than 50 employees is growing as this independent, all-round supplier for maritime cargo equipment continues to be in demand.


For more information, please contact:
Jill Connors, Elaborate Communications
+1 401 595 8006 (GMT -5)


About Cargo Care Solutions

With a worldwide established service network we provide good, reliable and timely service in order to meet the vessel’s and customer’s needs. With over 30 years of experience in the maritime industry, Cargo Care Solutions has proven to be a reputable global service supplier for its clients.

The performance of your cargo pump systems has a direct result on your entire operation, therefore, when it comes to your equipment, reliable service is crucial for the uptime of your cargo system. Cargo Care Solutions is fully committed to provide the spares, service and support you need throughout the life cycle of your equipment.

With various stock points, worldwide service teams with specialized engineers and excellent remote support we significantly lower your operational costs, improve your bottom line and offer peace of mind on the condition of your equipment.